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We build simple mobile websites usually in less than 24-48 hours. We believe that web design should be as simple as possible, clean, easy to use and mobile ready. Customers should not have to hunt, click and load too many pages to find the information they need. Websites should be mobile ready and perform like an app when customers visit your site on their mobile phones. Did you know if customers search you on their phones on Google and your site is not mobile ready your website will not be displayed? 90% of searches are now performed on Mobile Phones. 

There is no point today in having an ‘overkill’ website. Customers just want quick access to what they need to know, with instant one click mobile directions, instant one click calling, instant live chat with your staff and they want it to display properly on their phones.

With our approach you get a desktop and mobile website designed by us quickly and at an affordable price. We design for the customer to be able to access the information they need immediately with a versatile and simple design without having to click and load too many pages. If you already have a website thats ok as we can build these mobile sites for any promotion, event, charity, anything where you need a quick mobile interactive web app built. We deliver no hassle for the client and customer!

Mobile is changing the world. Today, everyone has smartphones. We can deliver a custom branded and designed simple mobile websites! Ask us about our Mobile Web Apps delivered in 24-48 Hours! 

Drive loyalty and incremental revenue with Mobile Coupons and engagements that are timely and relevant. A paperless automated Mobile Coupon. Ask us about Mobile Coupons! 

Within 24-Hours we can launch a custom branded paperless Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Hub. Customers can log in and see the points and rewards they can claim. Ask us about our Mobile Loyalty & Rewards! 

Custom Slideshows & Galleries!

One of the best ways to track your offline promotions and advertising ads in print magazines or newspapers is by using our QR Code custom mobile responsive landing pages. Do not spend another dollar on an ad until its tracked!

It is so simple! With our QR Code generator you can ad an image to every offline print advertisement. Customers scan the code on their phones. With our system you build seperate/duplicate pages for each code and our software tracks all of the analytics, calls, conversions to prove which advertisement is worth investing and what is not!

Your own geo location aware responsive mobile directory for listing your locations, distributors, hotel guest directory, tradeshows, offline coupon magazines, flea markets, job fairs, local businesses, city guide, chamber of commerce, fundraising, sponsors, staff directory, church directory, a directory for anything!

Earn serious revenue selling your own directory with our "You Build it" access to our simple software builder! Or "We build it! and our design staff will work with you to build, launch and even contact your listings to explain our Mobile Web App Software. 

NEW! Live chat on all of our products. A recent study found that many businesses are not offering live chat. If you want to gain an edge on the competition, live chat is a key feature that websites must have in order to be competitive and to hopefully rise to the top.

Live chat provides a simple way to connect with customers who spend a good deal of their money online. Why wait or hope they fill out a form when you can give them instant customer service.


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